1467 - Historie der Verschollenen
History of the Lost Ones
H.G. Francis

The planet is called Halpat and Tolot is invited to learn about the recent history of the Halutians in a museum.

In early 485, the Halutians realize that they are about to be attacked by the Fulgurs and they contain their world behind an energetic field. Five Fulgur spaceships attack Halut. The shield sustains the attack but natural disasters devastate the planet. The Halutians also notice that the radio communications are not happening in Cantaro language. Knowing they won't be able to sustain another wave of attacks, the Halutians flee their home world and spread out across the galaxy and beyond. One year later, a second Fulgur attack devastates Haluta.

In 494, the Halutian scientists detect the existence of a superhigh frequency network blanketing the Milky Way, which seems to be used to control the Cantaros. The Halutians manage to leave the Milky Way shortly before the Chronopulse Wall goes up, isolating the entire galaxy from the rest of the universe. They meet in the empty space between the galaxis in 495 while the wars between Hauris, Maahks, Kartanians, Vennoks and Tefrodians continue. Until 549, more Halutian groups spread over hundreds of planets. Talspat Far discovers an ideal world for his people in the galaxy IC 1613, which he calls Hatokoor ("nostalgia from Halut") and the Halutians settle there. They send regular reconnaissance flights toward the Milky Way while avoiding all contacts. In 645, Thanak Thamar announce that the Posbis have left the World of a Hundred Suns and that the Gurrads have taken their place. Another Halutian learns in 659 that the Gurrands have brought the Central Protoplasm on a world in Andromeda, on its request.

In 750, more than 40,000 Halutians set out on individual travels, mostly in the galaxy Maffei. The Halutian scientists continue their study of the control network of the Cantaros and they learn that the Central Protoplasm could be a source of super high frequency. The Halutians locate the Protoplasm on the world Rijaal, a planet from teh Habuur system. A fleet of Halutians heads there but arrives too late: the Protoplasm has left. They eventually locate it on Dongan, the second planet of the Halpora system. The Halutias settle on the neighboring planet, Halpat.

The Protoplasm suspects the Halutians to want to run experiments on it and refuses all contacts but eventually changes its mind when it is reminded of its pact he made with the Human Kind. The Protoplasm accepts to work with the Halutians on an emitter destined to neutralize the Cantaro control network.

Pantalon tells Tolot that he's been attacked by invisible beings, who are eventually captured and who turn out to be Nakk-Blues. Dharab, Tolot, Sokrat and Pantalon head for Dongan, and as they approach the island where the Protoplasm lives, the alarm sounds.

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