1466 - Kontrakt mit Unbekannt
Contract with the unknown
H.G. Ewers

After crossing the Andromeda galaxy for a year without success, Icho Tolot, Domo Sokrat and Pantalon encounter a fleet of five torpedoes that have been in flight for over 600 years. They follow them to a space station that Tolot calls Skull City because of its shape. The central positronic contacts Tolot and tells him the station is called Drohknosch and it was built by people from another galaxy. When he shares his radio logs with Tolot, the Halutian's attention is drawn to Zequu, the second planet of the star Aruk.

Zequu is located in Andro Beta and Tolot discovers a monolith that shares information with him through a merchant called Hachem Minarbo. Tolot finally learns the location where his people went into exile and Minarbo reveals himself as STalker, wearing Achab's mask. The former Sotho then retires.

Tolot and his companions head for the three planet system indicated to him by Sotho where they are welcome by a Halutian.

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