1465 - Schach dem Klon
Checkmate to the Clone
K.H. Scheer

Iliam Tamsun, the commander of the Libra, describes what happened on the Base.

On January 20th, 1146, Harold Nyman arrives at the Basis with the cruiser Andrassy. He claims that three hundred Cantaro spaceships destroyed the Tarkan fleet and destroyed Phenix. Danton and Tekener are dead and Perry Rhodan is gravely wounded and expecting help on Phenix. The Terrans are skeptical but Nyman then sends the pass code "Night of Walpurgis" to the Hamiller Tube, who immediately reliniquishes control of the Base to him.

Tamsun sends a team of four on board the Base. Nyman orders the giant spaceship to head for the Milky Way and manages to paralyze and eject in space the commando. The Libra then departs for Phenix.

Rhodan is convinced that the so-called Nyman is a clone that was created by the Cantaros from the fragment of flesh they preserved during the attack on the planet. The spacesuits of the four person command reveals a hidden message from the Hammiller Tube saying that he identified Nyman as a traitor but that he played along to find out what he's up to and also to bring the Base inside the Milky Way. Rhodan sets out for the Milky Way and he crosses the Chronopulse Wall on February 18th with the Libra in tow. He picks up 400 people to staff the Base.

The Terrans easily regain control of the Base and the Hamiller Tube welcomes the real Nyman as the commander, however, Tekener is still convinced that the entire operation is a trap from Monos. His suspicion is soon confirmed: a signal triggers a reaction in the spacesuits of the four team command and symbiotes start multiplying and start spreading across the Base, interfering with the Metagrav engine and threatening to blow up the entire spaceship. However, Tekener was prepared and manages to neutralize the Symbiotes. When Tekener kills the Nyman closes, the emissions stop and the normal flight resumes.

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