1464 - Das Phantom von Phönix
The Ghost from Phenix
Kurt Mahr

During the fight on Sampson, Harold Nyman managed to grab a fragment of Cantaro skin, which Rhodan decides to preserve in an airtight container. The Odin, Cimarron and Karmina depart for Phenix while Sato Ambush, helped by the Anorees, discovers one of the emitters that the masters of the Milky Way use to control the Cantaros. Instead, they find a module of unknown purpose.

On Phenix, a ghostly non humanoid figure is spotted by several people on the base. Rhodan's spaceships land on Phenix and warn everyone of the impending Cantaro attack, while the spotting of the ghostly figure keep adding up to fourteen. The locations of the appearances don't seem to show any purpose, so Rhodan is wondering if they are not dealing with a hyperphysical being having difficulties finding its way in the four dimensional continuum.

Fifty Cantaro spaceships appear and start attacking the base, at the same moment that the ghost steals Jennifer Thyron's cell activator. Irminia Kotschistowa has to use her psychic skills to keep Ronald Tekener's wife alive. Thanks to Rhodan's warning, the Phenix team manages to destroy most of the Cantaro spaceships. Only a few manage to escape and seventeen survivors are captured. The Free Traders depart from Phenix and thanks to the fact that they are now all fitted with Pulse Disruptors, make their way toward the Milky Way.

Odin is the last to leave Phenix on February 5th, 1146, when the Libra announces that the Base has disappeared.

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