1463 - Geburt eines Cantaro
Birth of a Cantaro
Ernst Vlcek

Eight of the nine incubators on Sampson are used to produce common clones while the ninth one is used to produce generals. Shoudar and Yttara, two Cantaros, are supervising the clone production and report to the Nakk Ayshupon. Yttalar learns from the Nakk about the Cynaui, a life limiter that's installed in all the Cantaros coming out of the incubators. During a discussion with Shoudar, Yttara says that he think that the Supreme Command of the Cantaros is probably made of a group of Cantaros. He doesn't reveal that he's been having increasing doubts about their mission, especially since the recent annoucements from the Peace Speakers.

The two Cantaros are assigned the mission to destroy one of these Peace Speakers. Yttara uses this opportunity to leave a recording destined to the resistance, but he doesn't realize that Shoudar is on to his treason.

Rhodan and his team are hiding on Sampson, waiting for the Queen Liberty to pick them up when Pucky detects Yttalar's thoughts. He takes this opportunity to kidnap the Cantaro and put him in the presence of the three Anorees. Yttalar is violently shocked to meet his ancestors but when he's returned to his apartment, he's confronted by Shoudar and Ayshupon. The Nakk sends a report to the Supreme Command and a death impulse is emitted from the Cantaro leaders, which kills all the generals, including Yttalar. Shoudar survives but he has now developed hatred toward the Cantaro leadership, and he joins Rhodan and his companions.

The Queen Liberty arrives and picks the Terrans up. On the spaceship, Shoudar tells Rhodan that the Masters of the Streets (the other name for the Supreme Command) are planning an attack on Phenix, the resistance home planet.

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