1460 - Ellerts Botschaft
Ellerts message
Arndt Ellmer

After he left Topsid, Rhodan keeps away from Helios in order not to bring the Cantaros to the headquarters of the Rams. He tries to enter the Solar System several times but fails. Rhodan crosses the Chronopulse Wall and lands on Phenix where he learns that the Hamiller Tube has assembled a segment of the Base and is now waiting for its commander, Harold Nyman.

Rhodan learns that a Cantaro commander called Norago is expected om Ceomu, in the Improm system. With Pucky's help, they land on the planet and kidnap him. During the questioning, Pucky detects that a death pulse has just been sent and he teleports Rhodan away before Norago explodes. Rhodan receives a message from Monos indicating that he can still track his movements, despite the protection device developed by Sato Ambush.

The Terrans regroup and Rhodan resumes his study of the Motto Pearl. His answering of a question from Ernst Ellert about his own past opens up the device for additional information about Ellert's quest.

On Amringhar, Kytoma asks Ellert to bring important information to Nathan and then to seek out Gesil in order to find help for the Milky Way. Ellert goes to the Kesdschan dome on Khrat but receives no assistance from Lethos-Terakdschan. He learns that an unidentified thief stole Jen Salik's cell activator. He continues his search in Estartu's Sphere of Influence, then on Spoodie-Scorie and at Point Gesil, but to no avail. He enlists the help of the Narga Sant to lead an expedition toward the Milky Way.

After he fled from the Narg Sant, he learned more about the Dark Star Paths and he hears for the first time of Amagorta, which seems to be connected to them. Finally, Ellert departs for Hangay.

The Anoree Degruum explains that Amagorta is known by his people as the location where the creators of the Dark Star Paths retired.

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