146 - Hinter der Zeitmauer
Behind The Time Wall
Kurt Mahr

Jerry Blanchard, a Terran agent stationed on Sphinx, informs Arkon III that a vessel secretly left the planet of the Akonides. He succeeds in transmitting its flight program before being stopped and arrested by the Akonide police.

Section III (Division 3) decides to intervene. The small Akonide vessel left for the planet Taphor located in a region dense in matter. Since the planet is in the hands of the Springers, Ron Landry’s team disguises itself as Outcasts and simulates a crash on the planet with the Springer ship, Tufatz XII, on 25 June 2114. While Meech Hannigan hides, Landry and the rest of the commandos are captured by the Akonides who have seized the planet.

Larchik, a Springer, joins the Terrans in their cell. He brings them by Onegor, patriarch of the reigning clan on Taphor. They construct a hypnotic trap in order to escape from the building controlled by the Akonides. The operation succeeds and Larchik drives them to the village of his father. His father is named Parro and he knows where a Posbi ship is located on the planet.

Meech Hannigan leaves his hiding place and meets Haika, a Springer woman. The woman brings him to the village whose chief is Parro, the father of Haika. For some time, he has detected the presence of an extra-dimensional field. He goes for a walk in a valley in search of its origin. He is attacked but the robot agent, through deception, is able to escape .

Larchik brings the Terrans of the Tufatz XII who escaped from the Akonides into Parro’s village where they reunite with Meech Hannigan. Meech informs them that since the annulment of the hate circuit, the Posbis ferociously attack all robots. Landry warns Nike Quinto who is on board of the FEDORIA close to the system. Quinto orders him to make contact with the Posbis. When Landry calls the Posbis, the field protecting the ship and making it invisible dissolves itself and the vessel appears.

It is at this moment that the Akonides attack but the Posbi ship intervenes in favor of the Terrans and destroys the attackers. The FEDORIA lands. Parro becomes the new chief of the Springers on Taphor. The Terrans learn that the Akonides were attracted by the Posbi ship to Taphor and responded to a call of the Posbis who were looking to contact Perry Rhodan.

The THEODORIC arrives and Rhodan converses with the biopositronic robots.

On Sphinx, the escape of Jerry Blanchard is successfully completed.

Michael Mahoney 2011-08-29

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