1459 - Der Dieb von Sira-VII
Theft on Sira-VII
Marianne Sydow

Dao-Lin'H'ay discovers Nikki Frickel still alive in the debris of the Sorong. She reports on the situation in the Milky Way and Degruum, Shyrbaat and Gavval are convinced that someone must have manipulated the Cantaros in order to have them commit all these crimes. When the Anorees visit the station in the black hole, a hologram of Lakardon appears and curses at them. He also explains that Sira-VII is a place of purity and rebirth. The Anorees transfer the Perseus, Cassiopeia, the Yalcandu and the MaraDhao in the normal space of Point Siragusa. The Barbarossa remains with the Anorees, who are trying to establish a path toward the Milky Way.

While a recon group is exploring the Sira-VII station, Dao-Lin-H'ay and Julian Tifflor focus on the Moto Pearl. Thanks to Tifflor's knowledge of Ernst Ellert's life, they unlock some information that Ellert recorded and in which he explains that after he failed to help the Milky Way with the Narga Sant, he decided to focus his mission on Gesil. He specifies that he added all the information regarding Gesil inside the Moto Pearl, but that only Perry Rhodan can unlock it.

A ghostlike figure starts attacking the team, which Irmina Kotschistowa identifies as the same being that stole the cell activator on Satrang. She realizes too late that the ghost has managed to steal the cell activator that she had left in her cabin.

The Anorees manage to establish a way to the Milky Way through the Dark Star Paths. The four spaceships enter the paths and lose one year before emerging at the Perseus black hole on July 28th, 1145. They are immediately under attack by a Cantaro fleet who are repealed by a Ram fleet.


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