1458 - Die Spur der Haluter
The Search for the Halutians
H.G. Francis

Tolot reaches Terzrock, near Haluta, which is surrounded by hundreds of Posbi spaceships. He makes contact with Domo Sokrat, Atlan's former Orbital, who retired in the moutains. Sokrat gives some vague information to Tolot but he doesn't know what happened to the Halutians.

Tolot makes contact with Gurrads on the planet and he finds out that they are evacuating the Terzrockians to occupy their land. He finds out that the Posbis have been altering the balance of the crystals, thereby causing the lethargy that the Terzrockians are suffering from. When he tells the Posbis about Rhodan's presence in the Milky Way, they agree to stop their activities on Terzrock. Following a lead he just found, Tolot decides to continue his investigation about the whereabouts of his people on Andromeda and Domo Sokrat accepts to join him.

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