1457 - Bomben für Topsid
Bombs for Topsid
Robert Feldhoff

On November 7th 1144, the Cimarron lands on Topside. The Robospores have caused the flourishing Topsid civilization to revert to pre-atomic ages about six hundred years ago and the planet is on the verge of an all out war.

The Cimarron makes contact with Garkman-Pit, a Topsid that Pucky identifies as having for sole intention to steal atom bombs from the Terrans for political reasons. Rhodan finally meets with Deighton, who tells him that the destruction of Topsid by the Ropospores was an accident. He invites his former friend to join him on a trip to Terra, which he claims is a paradise. He says that with It not giving them any signs for centuries, the Terrans have simply isolated themselves for their own safety.

Rhodan remains skeptical, and Deighton doesn't appear to know anything about Gesil. When Rhodan reaches out to touch Deighton's cell activator, Deighton collapses, stutters that he wants to come back to Rhodan and then passes out in a dream state. Pucky detects a short pulse coming out of Deighton and he teleports Rhodan to safety as Deighton's body explodes.

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