1456 - Fremde in der Nacht
Strangers in the night
K.H. Scheer

After several weeks flying through the Milky Way, the Karmina approaches the Solar System, which disappears visually when they get too close, even though detection instruments can still detect it. Sato Ambush suggests that the phenomenon is connected to an experiment he ran six months ago shortly after breaching through the Chronopulse Wall. A Cantaros fleet of fifty spaceships appear, forcing the Karmina to flee.

The Karmina heads back to Sisyphus where Rhodan learns that no members of the Rams has ever been able to reach the Solar System through the transmitter. All they know is that the station is under the command of a Cantaro called Mursatshol. The Cimarron, the Montego Bay and the Karmina head back to the Solar System on October 21st.

While Atlan and Silverman explore the base orbiting Pluto, the Solar System vanishes again. It completely disappears when the effects of something looking like an Anti Temporal Tide Field manifests itself. The base is suddenly covered with an energy dome. Atlan and his companions jump back to the Karmina before the entire base explodes.

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