1455 - Kundschafter für Halut
Scouts for Halut
H.G. Ewers

Haluta turns out to be heavily guarded and Icho Tolot and his crew decides to heard to Andalor, where Yelyaz tells them that a Cantaro genetic center is located. The commander of the resistance base si called Zycherbret, and he tells them that there used to be other Blue-600 clones, similar to Yelyaz, but that the Cantaro Daarshol moved them to an unknown location six months ago.

With Zycherbret's help, the Galactics manage to land on Haluta, whose surface has been vitrified by the Streaker guns, a Cantaro weapon. Underground, they find failed genetic clones and among them, Nygdur, a Blue-600 clone that has the ability to alter gravity forces. Nygdur gives Tolot a memocube left by Halutians, which confirms that that Tolot's people are still alive on a planet called Terzrock. The Galactics leave Haluta and head back to Helios.

Cedric Beust 2010-04-22

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