1454 - Psychoterror
Psycho terror
Peter Griese

On Sisyphos, Rhodan is the victim of a psychic attak that throws him into a dream. He is freed from it by Acaranda Berzy, a psychotherapist working on Sedge Midmays' team. Atlan and Rhodan spend some time studying once more the cube that Gesil left on Sabhal after she left, but they don't learn anything new. Rhodan decides to head over to Arhena to inform Aries of the latest events.

During the flight, Rhodan is again the target of increasingly more powerful psycho attacks and Midmays decide to have him watched by both Acaranda Berzy and a robot. He also tells Rhodan to keep his SERUN suit on at all times. These measures seem to make the attacks stop.

On the spaceship, Sato Ambush has resumed his study of the Sabhal cube, which he analyzes using pararealistic methods, something that he's the only one capable of doing. He soon finds out that the dialogue between Gesil and the mysterious shapeless form have been altered, but that the mysterious entity still seems to be a messenger from the Cosmocrats.

The Karmina reaches Arhena where Rhodan reunites with Homer G. Adams and Icho Tolot. The Halutian tells him that he tried to go to Haluta, his homeworld, but that his attempt failed because the planet is under close surveillance by Cantaros spaceships and watch space stations. Tolot wants to return there in order to find out what happened to his compatriots and Atlan offers to accompany him, in an effort to find a distraction from the pain caused by Iruna's death.

Rhodan urges Adams to order the evacuation of Arhena but the Aries leader is skeptical that such a measure is necessary. Midmays resumes his investigation on Pedras Foch's memory and he finds out about a planet called Shuungar, in the Cepheides sector, which appears to be a world where the Cantaros are breeding armies of clones. Thanks to such breeding worlds, the Cantaros, who were only fifty thousand when they arrived in the Milky Way, are now estimated to be in excess of twenty million, with a fleet of 20,000 spaceships.

Rhodan makes the mistake of turning off the protection screen of his SERUN and he's again the victim of a psycho attack. Shortly thereafter, a message from Sisyphos arrives on Arhena revealing that that Acarand Berzy was found dead back there. The Terrans confront the fake Berzy who turns out to be an android. She self destructs but the Terrans had anticipated such an action and manage to teleport her to a safe place before she can cause any damage.

On August 29th, the Narvenne departs for Shuungar and the Aries begin the evacuation of Arhena, finally convinced of an imminent Cantaro attack. Their new location is called Helios, the fourth planet of the sun Seriphos, 4.8 light years away from the Perseus black hole. Tolot and Atlan depart for Haluta and Rhodan leaves with the Karmina.

Cedric Beust 2010-04-15

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