1453 - Der unbekannte Feind
The unknown enemy
Kurt Mahr

The Cimarron lands on Sisyphos, the first planet of the Megaira system. Sedge Midmays, the head doctor, submits Pedras Foch to experiments attempting to revive his memory of the time when he was a prisoner of the Cantaros. He discovers a scene where Foch is being questioned by an unidentified Cantaro who shows him a picture of Gesil, Rhodan's wife, who disappeared 700 years ago.

During a routine check on the syntronic computer, Bull realizes that the Megaira system is no longer present in the databanks and he finds evidence that the data was tampered with. Two Gazelles are dispatched on the planet for exploration purposes and one of them is shot at. Rhodan and Eirene investigate where the shot came from and they find a subterranean base that seems to have been there for more than fifteen million years. Suddenly, a 3D projection of Gesil appears to them and Rhodan and his daughter are stunned to see Rhodan's wife being in pain and asking for help.

Further investigations reveal that the base has been built to look old but that it's actually quite recent. The Terrans reach the conclusion that somebody is trying to upset Rhodan mentally.

Shortly thereafter, the Karmina arrives on Sisyphos, to Rhodan's relief, who thought he had lost both Atlan and Roi Danton. Rhodan sends the Cimarron 1 and 2 back to the Perseus black hole in the hope of finding more survivors, but while the Cimarron 1 comes back empty handed, the Cimarron 2 lands on Sisyphos without having responded to any of the radio communications.

Rhodan carefully explores the empty shuttle and he hears a voice telling him that he's facing a very powerful enemy and that he needs to accept the gift in the headquarters if he wants to learn more. With extra precautions, the team reaches the headquarters where they find a small box that contains a skin sample.

Back on the base, an analysis of the skin sample reveals that it is of human origin and that half of its DNA comes from Gesil.

Cedric Beust 2010-04-14

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