1452 - Entscheidung am Ereignishorizont
Decision at the event horizon
Ernst Vlcek

After the victory on Uulema, spirits are high on Arhena and the information gathered by Pucky convinces Rhodan to put together a mission headed to the Perseus black hole. On July 3rg, 1144, a fleet of eight spaceships including the Cimarron and the Blue Jay approaches the black hole. Icho Tolot volunteers to enter the event horizon. He captures Lakardon and the rest of the fleet meets with him on the Cantaro space station except for the Queen Liberty, which remains outside the black hole to stand guard.

While Lakardon accepts to cooperate with the Terrans, a selective amnesia prevents him to give away much information about the Paura station and his mission. Sato Ambush finds out that the Paura station was fitted with a time transmitter bewteen 465 and 480.

As the Terrans start exploring the space station, they are subject to illusions showing them scenes from the past, where genetic experiments are taking place. Sato discovers the existence of a "frozen reality". He suddenly realizes that the Lakardon he has been working with is a projection from the real Lakardon, who is hiding in this frozen reality. Ambush tries to warn the Terrans but he's incapacitated by Lakardon. The Terran fleet heads out of the black hole but falls into a trap: outside the event horizon, thirty Cantaro ships are waiting them. They immediately open fire. The Bluejay and the Crazy Horse are instantly destroyed, the Sorong dives into the black hole and the Cimarron manages to escape.

Rhodan realizes that all the recent events were a very sophisticated trap laid out by the Cantaros, including their pseudo victory on Uulema which led them to the information about the Perseus black hole.

Badly damaged, The Cimarron manages to limp to a nearby system called Megaira.

Cedric Beust 2010-04-14

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