1451 - Die Siragusa-Formeln
The Siragusa Formulas
Robert Feldhoff

On the way to the Milky Way, Dao-Lin-H'ay and her crew continue the study of the Moto Pearl and manage to extract the coordinates of the Siragusa black hole, along with a system of sixteen equations that describe the conditions inside the black hole.

Dao-Lin-H'ay decides to change their destination and to head for the Siragusa black hole. They enter the event horizon and find the station inside. They make their way to the central command and connect with the central computer, who tells them that the station is called Yttra.

The Kartanians start reverse engineering the computer and they manage to materialize a 3D map representing several galaxies. Dao-Lin-H'ay reprograms the computer to point to the Milky Way. At the same time, the image of a Nakk appears, which starts talking in Cantarish language and then disappears.

Soon thereafter, the four spaceships led by Tifflor materialize near Yttra and they make contact with the Kartanians. The exchange of information uncovered by the two crews lead to a much better understanding of the Cantaros history.

Spaceship debris then materialize in the black hole, which Tifflor and Dao-Lin-H'ay identify as what's left of the Sorong.

Cedric Beust 2010-04-05

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