1450 - Die Herren der Straßen
The Masters of the Paths
H.G. Francis

While Pucky is spying on the Cantaros installation on Uulema, an unknown power drains him of his forces and as Cantaros guards are about to discover him, he's picked up and hidden by the prisoners in the camp. He regains some of his forces and helps a few prisoners escape. Several Terran spaceships then attack the camp and destroy it. While salvaging information, Pucky comes across Veegran, the commander of the base, which he manages to capture and to teleport on the Haluta.

Rhodan questions Veegran but all he can get from the Cantaro is that the Masters of the Paths will crush the Terrans. He also mentions that an individual called Lakardon has made progress with "Anti-Paura" and that the Masters of the Star Paths are happy with him. Homer Adams becomes convinced that Anti-Paura and the Perseus black hole are connected to the Paura black hole.

Shortly thereafter, Veegran detonates a bomb inside his body and almost kills Rhodan. Pucky's health continues to deteriorate and his cell activator seems unable to stop his body from slowly dying.

On the spaceship, Jesco Tomaskon, who had been captured by the Cantaros and then freed, turns out to have been brainwashed and he's been assigned the mission to kill Rhodan. His behavior attracts the attention of Marte Escatt who manages to incapacitate and kill the spy. When he dies, Pucky suddenly regains his forces.

Cedric Beust 2010-04-05

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