1449 - Die Perle Moto
The Moto Pearl
Marianne Sydow

On the Mara Dhoa, DLH's efforts to open the Pearl fail but the emperor eventually shows her how to open it by tweaking the hypercom of the spaceship. DLH then receives a message from Ernst Ellert, who explains that has information that he got from the Time Tables of Amringhar. Ellert explains how the Moto Pearl can be destroyed and he shows DLH a vision of him on the Moon giving the recording to Nathan, with Galbraith Deighton present.

The Moon Brain explains that the Earth and human kind are in great danger and despite Deighton's protests, it sends the Vario 500 to the Base in order to ask the Hamiller Tube to dismantle the giant spaceship. Ellert then leaves the Moon.

Ellert is now trying to find allies for the humans. On Kartan, he convinces the High Ladies to send the Narga Sant, but the Kartanian women make a critical error in staffing the giant asteroid with degenerate Kartanians. The Narga Sant reaches Point Siragusa and attempts to enter the Milky Way through the black hole, but it gets almost completely destroyed during the transfer.

Ellert finally finds the Moto Pearl, which broke in two pieces. He finds shelter in the small part of the Narga Sant that survives the transition through the black hole and leaves the wreck in a small spaceship.

While DLH is busy with the Moto Pearl, Thoy-P'ang commits suicide and the Mara-Dhoa finally reaches Ardustaar. The Karaponide base is completely destroyed and DLH continues to follow Ellert's track, which leads her to find the second part of the Pearl.

On May 5th, 1144, DLH leaves on board the Mara-Dhoa with the Moto Pearl and heads back to meet with her Terran friends.

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