1448 - Der Kaiser von Karapon
The Emperor of Karapon
Marianne Sydow

Dao-Lin-H'ay arrives on Karapon in Hangay on board the Mara-Dhao where she meets with the Kartanian emperor, Thoy-P'ang. During the meeting, the admiral Feng-Lu loses his self control and opens fire on Dao-Lin-H'ay, wounding the young woman. The admiral is demoted by the emperor who then proceeds to question Dao-Lin-H'ay because he's convinced she knows where the second Moto Pearl is.

Dao-Lin-H'ay tells the emperor the story of the Narga Sant and the rumor that one of the pearls might have been on board. The emperor then shows her a recording contained in the first Moto Pearl where the Vario-500 is visiting the Basis and convinces the Hamiller Tube to dismantle the giant spaceship. Dao-Lin-H'ay identifies the recording as a forgey but she says nothing. The emperor then tells her that he heard about the Black Star Paths from the Moto Pearl.

Sar-Teh, one of Feng-Lu's lieutenants, decides to avenge the demotion of his superior by stealing the Moto Pearl from the emperor, but their plan fails and Dao-Lin-H'ay ends up teaming up with two of the thieves to steal the Moto Pearl and to take the emperor hostage. They leave Karapon with the Mara-Dhao and head back to Ardustaar.

Cedric Beust 2010-03-31

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