1446 - Robotersporen
Robot spores
Peter Griese

On Phoenix, a young technician called Chris Wayfar and four other people die in an explosion on the construction site. Icho Tolot and Jack Anderson start investigating and find that the explosions are caused by tiny robots with twenty legs, which the Halutian identifies as Cantaro technology.

Ronald Tekener determines that the robot spores were left by Daarschol during his escape. Enno Wayfar, Chris' father, an entomologies, accidentally finds that the spores can be deactivated if they are exposed to a vibration of 6.01 Ghz.

Shortly after all the robot spores have been destroyed, the Narvenne lands on Phoenix with Sato Ambush on board. The scientist tells the Terrans that he's been sent by Perry Rhodan and that he must return into the Milky Way with six spaceships equipped with both the Pulse Transformer and also the antiviral weapon that will neutralize the second wall.

Cedric Beust 2010-03-29

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