1445 - Gensklaven für Uulema
Slaves for Uulema
K.H. Scheer

In April 1144, Rhodan and a small team lands on Uulema, the third planet of the red dwarf Shirica in M55. They have received reports that the Cantaros are building a base to control the Easter part of the Milky Way. The Terrans reprogram a Cantaros worker robot which soon gives them more information on what is actually going on: the Cantaros are trying to lure Rhodan by prominently showing Pedras Foch as their prisoner and they also intent to use this planet as a clone factory.

With Pucky's help, Rhodan manages to free Pedras Foch and to simulate an escape with him on a shuttle. The shuttle is detonated by the Terrans while pretending that Rhodan and Foch were on board.

Foch and Pucky decide to remain on Uulema with Homer Adams while Rhodan and the rest of the crew return to the Cimarron, which then departs for Arhena, the Aries central command. From there, Sato Ambush is asked to leave the Milky Way and return to Phoenix, gather a fleet of five spaceships and come back. In order to make this possible, they use the Narvenne, a spaceship that is fitted with both the Chronopulse Transformer and the Virus Breaker, both devices which will allow the ship to cross the two walls.

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