1444 - Legende und Wahrheit
Legends and truths
Kurt Mahr

On the Yalcandu, Degruum leads Tifflor and his companions to the black hole control station Cintexx. When asked technical questions about the station, Degruum gives vague answers. They emerge through the star gate Aguirre in the Gorandaar galaxy, where Degruum shows them a debris field that Tifflor identifies as the remnants of the Narga Sant. A radio station is emitting a story about someone called "Illu", which confirms that Illu Siragusa was here. Tifflor believes that because of its size, most of the Narga Sant was destroyed when it went through the Siragusa black hole but that a small portion of the spaceship made it through before ending here.

Their next stop is on the planet Terminalop where 20,000 Terran looking humanoides welcome Tifflor and let the Terrans know that the name of their planet is actually Terminal Hope. Their civilization level is similar to 20th century earth and Tifflor realizes that they are all descendants of Illu Siragusa. After going through the black hole, she settled on this planet where she had fourteen sons and six daughters. Because of consanguinity issues, their subsequent sons and daughers suffered from genetic deficiencies which slowly caused the community's evolution to slow down and stop. Asked by Tifflor, the Anorees accept to provide medical help to the Terminalopians.

The Anorees tell Tifflor that seven hundred years ago, Illu Siragusa told the Cantaruii how she came from the Milky Way through an unmapped star gate. The Cantaruii reported this information to their homeworld, Jauccron, which started observing the distant galaxy. When the materialization of Hangay caused huge hypershocks in the Milky Way vicinity, the Cantaruii decided to go through the unmapped black hole to investigate.

The next stop of the Yalcandu is Aylay, the original homeworld of the Anorees. With its sun dying, the planet is completely abandoned and the only sign left of the Anoree civilization is a little pyramid with foreign writings on it. Tifflor is struck by the contradiction that the Anorees created the Black Star Paths but were unable to protect their planet against the death of their sun, and he comes to the only possible realization: despite their claims, the Anorees did not create the Black Star Paths.

Tifflor confronts Degruum about this discovery and the Anoree confesses that Tifflor is right. The Anorees don't know exactly who created the Black Star Paths, all they know is their names: Durr-ai-rajmscan, which means the Masters of the Paths, also known as Archontes or Machrabans, and the fact that the Anorees agreed to maintain and administer the Black Star Paths. The Anorees can't read the writings on the pyramid but they know what it means: it's the contract that binds them to the Masters of the Paths. When Gemesch, Aylay's sun, approached the end of its life, the Anorees relocated to Jauccron and using their technological superiority, they enlisted the help of the Aiscrous, Vaasurians, Cutenexians and Gimtras.

Nowadays, the Anorees are focusing on one goal: find where the Machrabans have retired, which they suspect might be inside a massive black hole.

The Yalcandu heads back to the Maurooda system where they find out that the Barbarossa has returned. Tifflor asks the Anorees to help them against the Cantaros but Degruum and his companions are still having a hard time believing that their pacific ancestors could have turned into tyrants. Nevertheless, they accept to head over to the Moischu black hole and to see if they can program the station to take them all back to the Milky Way.

Cedric Beust 2010-03-23

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