1443 - Die Flucht der BARBAROSSA
The Escape of the Barbarossa
Arndt Ellmer

Ferr-Moon pretends to have received an order from Tifflor and the Barbarossa takes off. The Tefrodian commander, Heyda Minstral, quickly realizes that Ferr-Moon is acting on his own but she complies since their mission remains the same: finding clues about the origin of the Cantaros in the Neyscuur galaxy.

The Barbarossa emerges from a black hole called Peelyron and heads over the Taybron system. Due to the presence of Hauris and Tefrodians among their crew, they are treated honorably by the residents of the system, who see their humanoid appearance as a connection to the Anorees.

They are told that the Anorees are expecting them on Jauccron, the Anoree homeworld, but the Galactics decide to follow a spaceship in the form of a sickle that has emerged from Peelyron and is headed toward the center of the galaxy. The spaceship lands on a planet where the Galactics discover that the Aiscrous, Vaasurians, Cutenexians and Gimtras actually belong to the same race but at different ages.

The sickle ship turns out to be an Anoree ship, makes contact with the Barbarossa and they both head back to Mareesh.

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