1441 - Schwarze Sternenstraßen
The Dark Star Paths
Arndt Ellmer

In March 1144, three weeks after the Cimarron and the Bluejay departed from Phoenix, Julian Tifflor flies out to the Siragusa black hole with the Perseus, the Cassiopeia and the Barbarossa. They fly through the event horizon and send the impulse discovered by Icho Tolot several centuries ago, but the Cantaro station inside doesn't seem to respond. However, the three spaceships still get teleported and they appear in another unknown black hole. Inside is an asteroid that starts pulling the three ships with a tractor beam.

Tifflor, Tschubai and Lloyd teleport on the surface where they find an abandoned city. Lloyd detects the thoughts of a frightened creature which they eventually make contact with. His nams is Huiscap and he is an Aiscrou. The Terrans tell him they came through the black hole and Huiscap tells them the black hole they just arrived in is called Moischu in the Neyscuur galaxy. However, he doesn't believe the Terrans because he claims that Moischu is a dead end.

The three spaceships in orbit are kicked out of the black hole microcosm and fly to a planet called Muurdau-Caup, the second planet of the Muurdau star, where more Aiscrous live. They are all wearing fictive transmitters and they are interested in discovering new technologies. The Aiscrous call themselves the Second Triage People but they say that the real guardians of the Dark Star Paths, the black hole network, are the Vaasurians, also called the First Triage People.

The Terrans determine that the Neyscuur galaxy is NGC 7331, located fifty million light years away from the Milky Way. Asked by the Terrans, the Aiscrous say they have never heard of the Cantaros and on March 31st, the three spaceships leave Muurdau-Caup and head for Urooda, a Vasuurian planet.

Cedric Beust 2010-03-14

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