144 - Roboter lassen bitten...
The Robot Invitation
K.H. Scheer

Atlan is on Arkon III where the launching of a new super-battleship that bears his name is taking place. He is informed that a questionable Springer needs to see him - that is, him or Perry Rhodan - with a very important message. Atlan and Rhodan agree to see him. The man, Beybo, confirms that someone asked him to bring the coordinates of a rendezvous point to them. The mutants examine the Springer and confirm that the man is sincere, although his memory has been blocked. They find a message requesting that Atlan, with the help of the Terrans, come on board of a Posbi ship at the rendezvous point in February 2114. Atlan is now certain that the Posbis are at the origin of this invitation.

Rhodan, Atlan and several men go on board of the Bey-XII, a real flying wreck, and leave for the rendezvous point, the planet Sumath. There, they meet a Willy, a creature in the shape of a jellyfish working for the Posbis. The creature, being panicky by nature, destroys the Bey-XII. The Terrans are paralyzed by a narcosis ray of a Posbi fragment ship and taken away on board the same Posbi ship. Upon awakening, they understand that they are dealing with Posbis no longer subjected to the central robot brain hyperimpotronic. Two units of command exist and make up the central robot brain hyperimpotronic that controls the Posbis: a robot brain and a biological broth concentration that constitutes the central protoplasm.

They arrive on the main world of the Posbis, situated in the intergalactic void at the edge of the Milky Way and illuminated by many nuclear suns. It is named the World of a Hundred Suns.

Soon afterwards, the Terrans are attacked by Posbis under the control of the central hyperimpotronic. They are brought to the domes where the central protoplasm is located and learn the history of the Posbis.

Forty thousand years earlier, the Laurins crossed the abyss between the galaxies and discovered the Outside System with its second planet - Mechanica. They forced the natives to construct robots that were nearly perfect. These robots were modified on the planet of the Laurins, with the protoplasm being coupled to the impotronic (positronic brain) by means of the interaction hypercircuit. They were programmed to feel hate towards all forms of life other than the Laurins. The process failed and, in the opposite, the Posbis developed a hate towards the Laurins. They returned to Mechanica and subsequently settled on many planets and stations along the fringes of the Milky Way. The Laurins then depopulated Mechanica but by then the Posbis had reached total independence. The central protoplasm on the World of a Hundred Suns had a gigantic robot brain constructed in order to relieve it of much of its workload. A circuit, which included the hatred device, was constructed to send to the brain a feeling of hate towards the Laurins but a secondary signal provoked a hate towards all forms of life.

The Terrans destroy the hatred circuit, thereby assuring a full collaboration with the Posbis. A vessel then brings them back to the planet Sumath where they are picked up by the THEODORIC.

Michael Mahoney 2011-08-26

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