1439 - Agenten weinen nicht
Agents don't cry
K.H. Scheer

In 1115, Yart Fulgen, the son of a Plophosian scientist, is born on Daormeyn. His father was benned on this ghetto world because he refused to sacrifice clones that were botched because of a weapon experiment. Fulgen grew up to become a diplomat on Stiftermann III, the third planet of the Bedden star, one of the most important bases of the Galacticum. The officer that he replaces, Ralt Nestur, was recently promoted in the secret services.

Fulgen spends seven years on Stiftermann III as an Aries agent, but a leak occurs and his Aries contact is arrested by the Hyguphotes, a specific clone line of Ertrusians that works for the Cantaros. He commits suicide.

On February 27th, Fulgen and his friend, Christin Sarlaan, gain access to a secret service computer and they learn that Daarshol and Pedrass Foch have just landed with a Gazelle. They also learn that two spaceships have crossed the Chronopulse Wall and are now being detained between the Walls in the Drya-Pallu sector.

They now know that there is life outside the Chronopulse Wall and that there is a way to cross the third Wall. Fulgen is told to go to Ferol where a Cantaro gives him an invitation from Nathan to a symposium on Vega. During the flight, Fulgen meets with a multicyborg talled Tauro Kasom, which he suspects to work for the Cantaros.

On Ferrol, Fulgen is picked up by the Aries and learns that Christin is also an Aries agent. Their secret base is attacked by a secret service commando led by Nestur and Tauro Kasom, who is able to separate his limbs, manages to give up his head, which contains a Vario 500 module.

The Aries agents escape to the Vega system.

Cedric Beust 2010-03-05

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