1438 - Kinder der Retorte
Test tube children
Ernst Vlcek

Arralon, the Arra homeworld, has become a clone center since the Great Catastrophe. Aribo is one such clone and when he witnesses the explosion of a clone factory, he realizes that his reaction is atypical of the clones that are supposed to be produced: he is more emotional and more rebellious. Aribo befriends another clone called Plynal, who has the same traits.

Aribo and Plynal were created by the clone master Pheldor. Pheldor has never felt comfortable with the types of clones that he's being asked to produce, and he explains to Aribo that he created him with these different traits intentionally. He also tells the clone that twenty years ago, he joined a resistance movement called Aries, and that ever since then, he has been leading resistance missions, including the one that caused the explosion that Aribo witnessed.

Aribo and the two clones head to Plophos but make a stop on Lokvorth, around which orbits the Humanidrome, which has become a ghetto world where all the failed clone experiments are sent. On Lokvorth, Sheldor meets Clynac, also called Shaargor, a Cantaro whose mission is to hunt down all the clones that don't follow the rules. Shaargor explains to Pheldor that most of the life was exterminated after the Great Catastrophe and that only very resistant clones could survive if such an event were to happen again.

Once on Plophos, Pheldor asks Aribo and Plinal to contact Aries while Shaargor leads a planet wide operation to find criminal clones and deport them.

The two clones make contact with two Aries agents called Iratio and Mory, but they are then discovered by Shaargor. Pheldor and Plinal die during the escape but Aribo manages to escape with the two Aries agents through a transmitter.

The Aries agents decide to leave Plophos on Februray 23rd, 1144 on a spaceship called the Elysian.

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