1437 - Der Weg nach Bentu-Karapau
The way to Bentu-Karapau
Marianne Sydow

On Kartan, the last seven hundred years have seen the establishment of a more een balance between the sexes. The Kartanian empire has now stabilized down to 800 light years but the text books have been reworked to miminize the role that Dao-Lin-H'ay played.

Dao-Lin-H'ay leads an expedition towar Bentu-Karapau, a planet that holds a Karaponide base. Using a ruse from Sisa-Vart, Dao-Lin-H'ay gains access to the base, but a fleet led by Fio-Ghel-S'ou has been following the expedition and demands Dao-Lin-H'ay to be delivered to them. She escapes with two other ships and heads to Hangay.

Cedric Beust

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