1436 - Die Bionten von Kyon
The Biotes from Kyon
Robert Feldhoff

Thanks to the reprogramming of the Syntronic computers by Enza Mansoor and Notkus Kantor, the Cimarron and the Bluejay resume their trip toward the red sun they located between the Chronopulse Wall and the Viral Wall. Rhodan names the sun Thora and the planet Kyon.

On Kyon live a million of beings that were the victims of genetic manipulations, which they call the Biotes. The Biotes explain that they are taken to this planet by a ship which is then disabled so they can't escape. However, they have been able to repair a few of these ships and a few years ago, a small crew was able to leave the planet. Rhodan explains to them the existence of the wall and how it explains that these ships were never heard from again.

Cedric Beust 2010-03-02

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