1435 - Im Halo der Galaxis
In the Halo of the Galaxy
Clark Darlton

The expedition to the Milky Way is getting ready to head out: the Cimmaron and the Blue Jay depart for the Chronopulse Wall while Julian Tifflor will leave two weeks later in order to try to reach the Milky Way through the black hole of Siragusa. Rhodan hopes to meet with Tifflor once they are all in the Milky Way. Despite Rhodan's objection, Pucky decides to smuggle Salaam Siin, the Ophalian, and Beodu on the Cimarron.

The two spaceships manage to break through the Chronopulse wall thanks to the Chronopulse Transformer, but the device blows up shortly thereafter, because of a modification that Daarshol made in secret. After eighty light years, the two spaceships are victim of the second barrier in the form of a computer virus that incapacitates all the syntronic components of the two ships.

Daarshol uses the opportunity to escape and to take Pedrass Foch in hostage. He steals a spaceship and is picked up by a fleet of five Eternity Ships that had started to open fire on the Terran spaceships. Once they have Daarshol, the five Cantaro ships leave.

The Terran scientists manage to get some of the syntronic computers back online and the fleets heads out toward a red sun 150 light years away. Pucky also manages to detect two alien spaceships that seem to be incapacitated as well, but he can't make out anything more about them, except that they are not Cantaros.

Cedric Beust 2010-02-24

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