1434 - Station der Rätsel
Puzzle Station
H.G. Ewers

Iruna of Bass-Thet decides that she wants to go back to Bugaklis in order to investigate the old station, which she feels is connected to her origins. She tells Atlan about her bodyguard, the Naat Tavoor, and the okrill baby, Chatman, but the Arkonide was already aware of their presence in the hibernation tank.

Covar Inguard is getting increasingly nostalgic of Bugaklis and he flees into the dangerous jungle of Phoenix. Eirene goes after him and as they both fall prey to a living mushroom, they are rescued by Noghim Dragh, an Eshkral from the planet Toklunt, four million light years from Phoenix.

Iruna, Eirene, Covar Inguard and Noghim Dragth depart for Bugaklis, in the Hangay galaxy, on board the Crazy Horse, commanded by the Oxtornian Lion Wing. On March 8th 1144, they reach the mysterious station on Bugaklis where they discover walls made of pseudo-ynkelonium, an alloy only found in Gruelfin, the Cappin galaxy.

They trigger defense mechanisms from the station and they are put into a psionic sleep where they learn about a god called Metem. The voice from an entity called the Parallax ends the dream and Iruna feels the presence of a lifeform representing the perfect balance between organic and non organic life. When she tries to reach for the presence, she encounters a multimensional wall and she must flee with a zerodream.

A humanoid form called Amun-Sitai presents itself to her and explains the history of Bugaklis.

When Cappins from the genetic alliance landed on Bugaklis thousands of years ago, they started experimenting with the local life and they leave behind them lifeforms that could become a danger for the entire galaxy. They are chased by Repairers, a group of Cappins whose mission is to fix such errors. The Repairers install a positronic brain on the planet whose organic and positronic components are unified under the name Parallax. Afu Metem then asks the Hauris to create the flying saurians known as the dragons by manipulating the Parallax. The Hauris fail and create the Killer Majesties.

When Hangay materializes in the Milky Way, the shock wave causes the Parallax to break down and the Naat Tavoor crashes on the planet. Tavoor is saved by the molecular brain but when the entity realizes what the Naat is capable of doing, it puts it into a cryogenic sleep.

Iruna is convinced thhat she can take control of the Parallax, which she attemps to do using both her zerodream and pedotransfering. The Parallax is surprised by the force of the attack but it's able to repel it and puts the Akonin in a coma. Her three friends pick her unconscious body and head back to the Crazy Horse, understanding that they need to stay within a thousand meters from the station.

Cedric Beust 2010-02-23

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