1433 - Blockadebrecher
Blockade Breakers
Kurt Mahr

On Phoenix, Daarshol is allowed to move about the station freely because he can't move fast nor very far without his Coordination Selector. Sato Ambush is busy putting the final touches to his Pulse Transformer, a device that will allow the Terrans to fly through the Chronopulse Wall. Unbeknownst to the Terrans, Daarshol is able to perform a surgery on himself and to create a temporary Coordination Selector, which allows him to regain his forces for seventy hours. He paralyzes Sato Ambush and escapes.

In order to steal a glider, Daarshol kills Lia-Ning, a Free Trader who had recently started a relationship with Phang-Troc, the Kartanian captured near the Base. He then makes his way to where the Pulse Transformer is, takes several hostages and pretends that he's at the end of his strengths. Sato Ambushes finally wakes up from the shot and warns the Terrans that the Cantaro is actually in full possession of his abilities, but it's too late: Daarshol takes Perry Rhodan hostage and heads toward the Blue Jay, Tifflor's spaceship, in order to escape.

Phang-Troc tells the Terrans that he has a weapon called the Droid Killer that will be able to confuse the Cantaro at short distance. With the help of Ras Tschubai and Pucky, the Kartanian gets teleported close to the Cantaro and fires his weapon. The Cantaro titters and the teleporters move Rhodan to safety while Daarshol gets overpowered and thrown back in captivity under close guard.

The Pulse Transformer is fitted on the Cimarron which flies toward the Chronopulse Wall. Three probes are launched and they successfully break through the wall. Unfortunately, one of them explodes fifty light years inside the Milky Way, which makes Rhodan think that there might be a second barrier.

Cedric Beust 2010-02-20

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