1432 - Fluchtziel Gevonia
Destination Genovia
H.G. Francis

After his arrest, Albert Holm gets sentenced to a labor camp on the planet Hoods. Fifty years later, he finds an opportunity and manages to escape with his companion, Eschraxan, a Gardan cultist. They steal a spaceship and decide they want to head to Gevonia, in the Targo system, a planet said to be free from the Milky Way leadership. But before that, they need to get in contact with the Cilada, the resistance organization, which knows the coordinates of Gevonia.

Eschraxan expresses a strong desire to head for the Humanidrom instead, which makes Holm increasingly concerned that the cultist will try to take command of the spaceship, so he decides to abandon him on a planet.

Holm decides to head for the Blue homeworld, Verth, where he wants to take revenge upon his former friend, Yilgrizz, who testified against him in the trial. When on the planet, Holm learns that the Milky Way leadership has installed a strict birth control program in order to reduce the Blue population, and that they have also aggressively rewritten history to erase as much of the Terran influence as possible.

When Holm finds Yilgrizz, the Blue tells him that he never testified against his friend and that he was sentenced to prison as well, which Holm believes. Yilgrizz tells him that he knows a member of the Cilada called Eylaraud. The two men, Eylaraud and forty othe refugees who want to find Gevonia as well get on board Holm's spaceship, the Icarus, and rendezvous with a spaceship of the League of Free Terrans.

As soon as they make contact, the entire crew of the Icarus is paralyzed and Holm realizes that he's been trapped. Cilada is a Portuguese word meaning "trap", and it's an organization that was created by Nathan in order to lure members of the resistance to Gevonia where they can be imprisoned. Everyone gets a syntronic implant that turns them into a slave. They finally land on Gevonia which initially appears to be a paradisiac planet, but this turns out to be an illusion. The planet is actually a huge jungle, and when Holm realizes it, his syntronic implants is activated and he loses all his personality.

Jerry Schneiderman 2010-02-17

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