1431 - Das Humanidrom
The Humanidrom
H.G. Francis

On July 1st, 800 NGZ, Endehar Roff, the lead engineer on the planet Lokvorths in the Scarfaaru system, receives a mission from the Earth: to build the Humanidrom, a giant space station designed to be a museum of the galactic races. The work is expected to take fifty years and the space station is designed to be several kilometers big.

As the construction progresses over the years, the economy of Lokvorths starts suffering because all the resources are allocated toward the construction of the Humanidrom. The work is also regularly slowed down by the attacks of a terrorist group called Cilada. As the resources become scarce, Roff is forced to travel to nearby systems in order to buy more material for the project. He visits the planet Phendeg, which is paralyzed with excessive red tape, and Arranguusha, where schools have been abolished decades earlier, resulting in a population that is less and less educated and that resorts to slavery to accomplish their tasks.

On Arranguusha, Roff also faces members of a religion called the Gardan Cult, which was created by the Cantaros. He barely escapes, along with his assistants, Pell Yigrizz, a Siganese, and Icaruss Pell, an Ara.

As the construction nears to an end around 850 NGZ, Roff begins to realize that the space station no longer follows the plans that he had designed, and he also learns that his wife and his two assistants have been hijacking materials in order to build a spaceship, which is a crime on Lokvorths. When he confronts them, his wife tells him that they intend to flee the Milky Way and that the Humanidrom project has brought nothing but poverty and misery to Lokvorths. Roff realizes that the only reason for the Humanidrom project was to strengthen the power of Terra, so he joins his wife and his two assistants in trying to escape.

On July 1st 850, Galbraith Deighton arrives on Lokvorths for the official inauguration of the Humanidrom. Deighton now carries the title of Supreme Galactic and he looks like a half cyborg, with many of his limbs replaced by syntronic parts. He tells Roff that the Humanidrom is being confiscated by Terra for some untold purpose and that he's also aware of the spaceshipt being illegally built. Roff's assistant, Holm, and Yilgrizz are then imprisoned.

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