1430 - Hamillers Puzzle
Hamiller's Puzzle
Arndt Ellmer

On December 1143, NGZ, a team of scientists gather at X-Door and start working on the reassembling of the Base. During their investigation, they are attacked by a group of Karaponids which leads to the destruction of a fragment of the Base. Without this fragment, the reconstitution of the Base will not be possible so the Terrans start working on the creation of a duplicate that will be used until the Base can be brought back to Earth.

A search team led by Pucky starts hunting down the Karaponids but the mouse beaver gets trapped in a field and the Karaponid leader, Phang-Troc, immediately drugs him in order to inhibit his paranormal abilities. Despite being drugged, Pucky manages to learn that the Karaponids want to capture the Base in order to bring it back to their emperor.

Bully and a commando manage to locate Pucky and free him and to capture Phang-Troc. Eleven days later, the Base is finally reconstructed although it's still only partially functional. The spaceship Libra and its crew remain at X-Door to protect the Base while the Cimarron and the Monoceros head back to Phoenix.

Cedric Beust 2010-02-06

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