1429 - Hamillers Herz
Hamiller's heart
Arndt Ellmer

Sato Ambush, Enza Mansoor and Notkus Kantor succeed in removing the block in the Hamiller Tube that kept it from regaining information about its identity, purpose and past. Hamiller says that the Auriga reached the Base and delivered the message from the Tarkan fleet. Waylon Javier then moved the Base away from point X-DOOR for 500 light years. Late in 448 NGZ, Anson Argyris arrived with the order from Nathan to decentralize the Basis so that no one could capture and use it and Nathan also disabled Hamiller and rendered it incapable of other than taking care of and protect the rubble field the Base had become. The proximity to the newly arrived galaxy Hangay and its different strangeness then caused the blockade and confusion in Hamiller that was just removed.

Hamiller now opens up itself for a team of engineers and is restored to full capabilities. Before the rebuilding of the Basis can be started an important segment that was damaged during the fights with the Karaponidians must be repaired.

Cedric Beust 2009-03-16

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