1427 - Die Reise nach Ardustaar
Trip to Ardustaar
Marianne Sydow

On recommendation of Nikki Frickel, Reuben Starr offers Dao-Lin-H'ay his HERKULES for an expedition to the wreck of the NARGA SANT at the black hole Point Siragusa. On October 6th 1143 Dao-Lin-H'ay, Ge-Liang-P'uo, Oni-Bas-H'ay and Kam-Pera-H'ay start, heading for the planet Asporc on the outer rimof the Milky Way and buy 8 linear engines to be build into the wreck of the NARGA SANT.

The terranian ship reaches the wreck and after they helped to end a power struggle aboard the NARGA SANT install the engines.

The NARGA SANT reaches the pinwheel-galaxy M 33 within 6 1/2 weeks. Before they can make contact with Kartan, the enormous ship is being boarded however by Karaponids from Hangay, which maintain a base in Ardustaar at Bentu Karapau. The commander Feng-Lu announces that the Karaponidians will conquer the Kartanin. He also looks for the second part of a broken crystal, named Pearl Moto which he suspects to be aboard the NARGA SANT. Dao-Lin-H'ay thinks that that pearl could be identically to the Jewel Of Mimoto, which was mentioned by Icho Tolot.

Dao-Lin-H'ay can release an emergency call and a small fleet of Ardustaar Kartanin under the command of Mai-Ti Sh'ou frees them. One karaponidian ship with the commander on board escapes.

The NARGA SANT finally arrives at Kartan where Dao-Lin learnes that meanwhile only five High Women are left to rule over the Kartanin and that her family lost all its influence in the last centuries.

Together with Ge-Liang P'uo and Mai-Ti Sh'ou Dao-Lin heads for Bentu-Karapau with the modern kartanin ship MARA-DHAO to obtain the pearl Moto.

Andreas Jške 2009-03-16

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