1426 - Daarshol, der Cantaro
Daarshol, the Cantaro
Peter Griese

Perry Rhodan and his friends are finally able to capture Daarshol a Cantaro, who is the only person aboard the Barsheeba, his cantarian spaceship. They release the kartanian information-trader Men-Wo who unknowingly helped them to catch the Cantaro.

Back on Phoenix, the base-planet of the Free Traders, Daarshol is examined closely. He resembles a human with his eyes just being a bit too far apart from each other. Other than that, he has a lot of internal organs and limbs replaced by mechanical and syntronic components. Also his muscles and skin are made of a polymere that makes him very resistant to all kinds of environments and gives him great physical strength. He has a biological and a syntronic brain and can suppress activity of either one if necessary, allowing him to prevent anyone from reading his thoughts.

One syntronic module within his body is crucial for his ability to control his body at very high speeds and with tremendously short reaction times. Another, called the Coordination Selector, controls his movements.

The latter one is removed to have Daarshol more docile and cooperative. The Cantaro feigns that his ability to move is also affected and surprises the Free Traders whith his full force when he tries to escape. But in the end Icho Tolot is able to overpower him and he is put back into a prison-cell.

Daarshol claims that he must get back into the Milky Way within a short time because he otherwise would have to die.

Cedric Beust 2009-03-16

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