1425 - Eine Falle für die Cantaro
A Trap for the Cantaro
H.G. Francis

On Phoenix, Sato Ambush starts studying the Pulse Transformer when the banned Drakists arrive on Choca, the second planet of the Cenote system, currently under the control of a criminal organization. There, they learn about a meeting about to take place between the Kartanian Menwo and an important customer, who seems to be a Cantaro. They bring the information back on Phoenix and Danton accepts to take the rebels back into the colony.

Perry Rhodan heads for the rendezvous point with a small fleet and shoots down the Cantaro spaceship as it's approaching the planet. The first attempts to investigate the wreck fail because of the presence of gigantic poisonous insects.

Cedric Beust 2006-08-24

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