1422 - Die Tage der Cantaro
The Days of the Cantaros
Ernst Vlcek

On the way to a medical planet, they identify three Cantaros spaceships that look a lot like the Bekassu Eternity Ship that Rhodan and his friends saw in their present time. Nathan, the Moon computer, now based on syntronic technology, welcomes Rhodan and gives him an overvier of the safety system in place in the galaxy. He reveals additional facts on the recent history.

The first Cantaros ships appear in the Milky Way shortly after the cosmic catastrophe. They communicate with radio waves and only interact with the Galactics through androides. Although they only have five hundred spaceships in the Milky Way, their technological superiority gives them an edge over the Galactics.

In 453, they have already destroyed 453 Hauri spaceships and all attempts to push the Cantaros out of the galaxy have failed. The Galactics realize that the Cantaros are using the Einstein-Rosen bridges to move around the galaxy and decide to secure the black holes to try and contain them. In 470, they give the Galactics an ultimatum: they have twenty years organize peace in the galaxy. Then they withdraw, and during their absence, the attacks from the Lightnings multiply.

Stalker finds out that the Cantaros react violently to the hyperwaves emitted by the Lightnings, and he wants to use this information to make contact with them directly. In 469, he goes onboard of one of their ship and a peace conference is organized on Olymp.

In 490, Rhodan is meeting with Homer G. Adams when the planet is suddenly attacked by Lightnings. The planet is evacuated as a violent lightning emanating from a spacetime rift hits it, cooling the planet close to the absolute zero. Then another lightning hits, heating it to 10,000 degrees.

As the meeting on Olymp is getting ready, Deighton orders Vanity Fair to drug Rhodan in order to get information out of him, but the young woman, who fell in love with the administrator, refuses to comply and schemes to help her friends.

On April 29th, a delegation of six Cantaros arrives on Olymp and make unacceptable demands. The conference is interrupted when Pucky starts acting strangely because of a psychic wave that impacted him during the Lightning attack. The Terrans run away from Olymp, barely escaping the explosion of one of the Cantaros who turned himself into a bomb. The Haluta dives into the Perseus black hole and reaches the Paura black hole through the Black Star Paths. It emerges on the other side in the normal space in the year 1143.

Deighton pretends that Rhodan and Bull have been killed during their escape in the black hole but Vanity Fair suspects that it's a lie and that the Terrans came back into their past in order to make one of them the father of her child.

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