1421 - Zeitzeugen
The Eye of Time
Ernst Vlcek

Rhodan, Eirene, Bull and Pucky, assumed to be Cantaros clones, are quarantined and quesioned by Galbraith Deighton. The don't reveal that they came from 1143 and pretend they only spend 42 years in stasis. A young woman called Vanity Fair trusts Rhodan and reveals some information about the recent history.

In 448, the transfer of the last quarter of the Hangay galaxy into the Milky Way caused a hypershock that was soon followed by the appearance of fleets of Hauris that wreaked havoc in the galaxy. The Tarkan expedition was officially announced dead and the Galacticum became the War Council in 452.

Having taken notice of the hypershocks, the Cantaros appeared in the Milky Way and threatened to impose peace by force if necessary. At the same time, the attacks on planets from unknown vessels called Lightnings were also ascribed to them. The Lightnings eventually destroyed Halut but this fact was hidden by Deighton, who pretended that the Halutians had withdrawn from public life.

As Deighton is finally convinced that Rhodan is not a clone, he asks the administrator to not appear in public for the moment. Rhodan accepts, anxious not to create a time paradox. Pucky learns that the Cantaros left the galaxy twenty years ago and announced that they would be back to check on the peace progress in the galaxy.

Cedric Beust 2006-08-24

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