1420 - Sternentore
Star Gate
H.G. Ewers

After taking part in a test on Yanyok, Icho Tolot manages to recover the Black Cube, an eight centimeter cube that he found on a spaceship that was once used to carry hypnotic crystals from Monol to the Magellanic Clouds. On the memocube, he leanrs about the existence of the Black Star Paths, an older intergalactic transport system using black holes.

Because of the time anomalies in the solar system, Icho Tolot realizes that he spent over a year on the planet. A fleet of Dumfries appears and puts an end to the reight of the Pelewon king, allowing Tolot to recover the Blue Jewel of Mimoto.

The data on the memocube shows that centuries ago, Pelewon colons from Yenyok made contact with the Cantaros, the masters of the Black Star Paths and the Cantaros gave the Jewel to the Pelewon sovereign. As the Psionic Network is about to collapse, the Haluta heads toward the black hole Mimoto and goes beyond its event horizon. Inside, no Cantaros can be found. The only creature left is the droide Harzhid, its guardian.

Tolot loses 194 years in the black hole and the Dorifer Capsule inside the Haluta disappears. In 640, Tolot emerges through the Siragusa black hole. He keeps looking for Perry Rhodan for 303 years and he gets captured by the Gurrads, who blame him for the Posbi exodus. Later, he is turned over to the Maahks to whom he leaves his spacesuit. He then loses another 200 years inside the event horizon of the Paura black hole.

The Haluta leaves the Black Star Paths in 490 through the Perseus black hole.

Cedric Beust 2006-08-24

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