142 - Agenten der Vernichtung
Agents Of Destruction
Kurt Brand

In February of 2114, the Akonides are furious that Perry Rhodan did not deliver to them the plans of the transform cannon. A faction hostile to the Great Council and allied to the Antes, finalizes a plan to bring down the Solar Imperium. On Arkon, Atlan is angry because the Akonides succeed in getting the monopoly on the use of the transmitter. On Earth, a team works on the development of antiflex glasses that will allow the Laurins to be seen by the Terrans. For this project, they need the three Laurins captured on Aptulad. Van Moders goes to see Pucky because his faculties will be useful while making some tests on these creatures.

The plan of the Akonides is carried out, although the person responsible is murdered by some of his men. Three thousand Laurins arrive on Mars by way of the transmitter on Arkon and are forwarded on to Earth with the complicity of the Springer Cafzen. One of their first actions is to kill the three Laurin prisoners.

The Laurins then get involved in an enterprise of terrorism, focusing many of their attacks on the energy factories. Helpless in facing these invisible invaders, Perry Rhodan only sees one means of defeating them: the Posbis. He asks Atlan to leave for Frago in order to ask for their help. The PENGUIN soon leaves for the intergalactic void. During this time, the Solar Defense goes back to the source of the invasion and determines who among the Akonides are responsible for the invasion of the Laurins.

After there are already millions of deaths on the Earth, the PENGUIN finally arrives on Frago where, after several messages, Atlan and some companions go on board of a Posbi ship that heads for the Earth. There, some Posbi robots are ejected that begin to track down the Laurins without mercy and eliminate them all. The Terrans on board then leave the Posbi vessel.

Michael Mahoney 2011-08-24

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