1419 - Der Tod eines Cynos
Death of a Cynos
H.G. Ewers

Icho Tolot remembers what he went through, sixty-nine years ago...

During his exploration of Absantha-Gom, Tolot discovers the wreck Pelewon ship called, which seems to be about thirty years old. Inside, he finds a Pelewon in cryogenic sleep who, when awakened, explains that he was sent as a scout by the Pelewon king Povarithrong. He fell victim to aggressive plants on this planet and used the cryogenic casket to escape. He tells Tolot what happened in M 87 these past 1597 years.

After the destruction of the Dusty Queen system in 2436, peace settled in the giant galaxy and the Pelewons realized that their defective reproductive organs were now restored. They quickly spread through M 87 under the benevolent reign of the royal family Povarithrong. In 2500, the Sotho Pon Tiek appeared and tried to impose the cult of the Eternal Warriors on Estartu's behalf. The peoples of M 87 resisted and the Sotho disappeared on the way to Pompeo Posar.

Fifty years later, the Eternal Warrior Ijarkor concluded a treaty with the Constructors of the Centers, forcing them to give up transdim engines. More Sothos appear in the next centuries but they are all successfully repelled by the people of M 87. Eventually, the Constructors of the Centers break all relationships with the emissaries from Estartu. The Pelewons expand further and start sending scouts in Estartu's twelve galaxies in order to establis spy networks, and Pothaaru is one of these scouts.

Before Pothaaru dies, Tolot promises him that he will report back to Povarithrong on the planet Yanyok in order to let the king know that he accomplished his mission. Pothaaru tells Tolot that the king possesses the Jewel of Mimot, a powerful instrument.

Not knowing where Yangar is located, Tolot asks the Perlians some assistance, who insist that he should contact the Constructors of the Center first. Tolot refuses and follows the coordinates th e Perlians give him, which turn out to be incorrect. Tolot falls into a trap and is attacked by a fleet of Dumfries. Tolot is forced to land on a planet where he meets Rufus Tirac, a vironaut, who tells him that Povarithrong has been secretly expanding his empire without informing the Constructors of the Center. He also tells Tolot that the Mage o fGondhwarkan has information of the Black Path of the Stars, Tolot heads for the planet, where he discovers a black pyramid.

Inside, the Mage, a Cyno, is killed by a robot before Tolot can speak to him. D

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