1416 - Das Gebot der Götter
Order from the Gods
Arndt Ellmer

The Bekassus treat the Terrans with great deference and identify them as the Stellar Travelers, a civilization that once gave them space-faring technologies. The Terrans learned that the Stellar Travelers once settled temporarily on Kassuban and asked the Bekassus to select a few chosen ones who would be taken to an unknown destination to serve the gods for four years. The Bekassus then colonized four solar systems until they made contact with the Gurrads. Every four years, the Eternity Spaceship comes back on the main homeworld to pick up new Chosen Ones.

Meanwhile, Pucky explores Kassuban but soon reaches the conclusion that the space dock seen in Icho Tolot's recording is not on this planet. On the Cimarron, Sato Ambush keeps working on the Hamiller Tube and becomes convinced that the memories of the positronic have not disappeared but have been simply fragmented since the computer sometimes remembers pieces of the past.

The Terrans discover a former base of the Hanse on Kassuban but after studying the Bekassu technology, come to the conclusion that the Stellar Travelers are not part of the Hanse Specialists. They get the coordinates of a second base located on Paura, just 29 light years of a black hole, which also happens to be the last stop of the Eternity Ship before it heads out to its unknown destination.

As the Comarron and the Harmony depart for Paura, Rhodan boards the Eternity Ship with 43 Chosen Ones.

Cedric Beust 2006-05-02

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