1415 - Die Spur des Propheten
The Search for the Prophet
Robert Feldhoff

As the Cimarron is getting ready to leav Ayshran-Ho, the Terrans detect the presence of a hidden spaceship that looks like one that could be seen in the background of the recording left by Icho Tolot. Is it referred to as the "antenna ship" by the Gurrads and belongs to the Bekassus.

The Shagantes deny the existence of the antenna ship as Salaam Siin arrives on the Cimarron, sent by Atlan to inform Rhodan about the death of Ratber Tostan. The Terrans teleport on the antenna ship and make contact with the Bekassus, who look like bats. An incident causes Salaam-Sin to get injured and to lose his singing capabilities. The Ophalian is kept hostage by the Bekassus, who nevertheless try to heal his voice but without success.

Rhodan is summoned by Angorr, the Shagante commander, who finally admits the existence of the antenna ship. He tells the Terran that the Bekassus are a young people that need the Gurrads' guidance and that should be left alone. He says that Salaam Sin will be returned in exchange of Rhodan's promise to leave the Rashta system and to not try to follow the spaceship. Rhodan accepts.

On July 20th, Salaam Siin wakes up and tells Rhodan that he knows the Bekassu home world, which is called Kassuban and orbits a star named Orsa in the proximity of a black home in the Greater Magellanic Cloud.

Cedric Beust 2006-04-27

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