1414 - Der letzte Aufbruch
The Last Departure
K.H. Scheer

When Ratber Tostan learns that his health has worsened, he decides to head back into the Hera Bay and to try to break through the Chronopulse Wall. On one of the three planets, he discovers a stations with mummified Kartanian bodies and understands that the enclave was created around the time when the Wall was erected. The Kartanians used creatures call Traavs to protect them against possible Hauri attacks, and the Traavs attack Tostan and his crew. The Master Player manages to get rid of them by crossing through an SH field.

As the connection of the Hera Bay and the normal universe is decreasing, Ratber Tostan and Posy Poos make a final attempt with the TS-Cordoba and head straight for the Wall. A powerful explosion is registered and Atlan has no other choice that resigning himself to the death of his companion.

Cedric Beust 2006-04-27

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