1413 - Enklave Chronopuls-Wall
Enclave Chronopulse Wall
H.G. Francis

During a patrol along the Chronopulse Wall, the scientis Kavin Cage discovers an enclave that turns out to be twelve light hours deep. Inside, they discover a planetary system with three planets that they name Hera. They spot a ghost ship inside the enclave, called the Hera Bay, and studied for four weeks by Atlan, who is considering creating a base on one of the planets.

Unknown spaceships are also detected as they go back and forth through the wall. For this reason, they are baptized Walabies by the Terrans. They install a Transform Canon on one of the planet and get it ready to fire at the wall in order to test its resistance. They discover remnants of Ctl robots on the planet, sign that the Kartanians were once there, and understand that the mysterious ships belong to the Kartanians.

The Terrans fire the cannon and soon, the enclave starts shrinking. The analysis of a Ctl robot reveals that the Ctl robots started exploring the Milky Way 650 years ago and became irrational because of the Strangeness Shock. Still, they managed to find ways to penetrate deeper and deeper inside the Wall.

Ratber-Tostan decides to remain in the Hera Bay in order to attempt to penetrate through the Chronopulse Wall. Atlan opposes the plan but he is forced to evacuate the Bay with the rest of the fleet as the TS-Cordoba is left behind.

Cedric Beust 2006-04-20

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