1412 - Der Pirat von Magellan
The Pirate from Magellan
Marianne Sydow

In the Lishtar system, Rhodan is contacted by the Gurrad Tetra Khan, who gives him access to Gurrad archives. Rhodan learns that 650 years ago, an individual named Captain Achab tried to convince the Gurrads that an unknown power was trying to take control of the Milky Way and was urging the Lion People to send a fleet there.

Initially reluctant, the Gurrad representative, Nandur-Khan, accepts and finally believes Achab when the fleet he sent doesn't return. Achab urges Nandur-Khan to convince all Gurrads to take action against the unknown enemy now before the Gurrads get attacked as well.

Rhodan realizes that the captain Achab is actually Stalker and leaves the Ayshran-Ho with the Cimarron.

Cedric Beust 2006-04-20

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