1411 - Eiswelt Issam-Yu
Ice World Issam-Yu
Peter Griese

The Cimarron arrives on Lishtar on June 13th, 1143 and Perry Rhodan learns about Nikki Frickel's kidnapping. They find a datacube containing Bertralam's will revealing that invisible beings followed him to a planet called Issam-Yu.

On June 20th, the Cimarron sets orbit around Issam-Yu, a desolated ice world that doesn't seem to carry any intelligent life despite Pucky's numerous teleportations around the planet. Without betraying their identity, Commanzatara and Hiakaggachua, who've been on Issam-Yu for 647 years, help the Terrans and reveal where Nikki Frickel is prisoner.

In 448, when Dorifer started isolating itself from the normal space, the two intelligent plants realized that an imminent danger was threatening the Milky Way and they arranged to leave the galaxy with the help of the android Dart Hulos. They decided to land on Yssam-Yu because they saw in a vision that Perry Rhodan would land on this planet one day.

Perry Rhodan and his crew free Nikki Frickel and another unknown spaceship leaves the planet as they take over the headquarters of the secret base. They find a holocube on the dead body of Frickel's kidnapper with a message from Icho Tolot explaining that he's searching for the Columns of the Past. The Sorong then heads back toward Phoenix-1 while the Cimarron remains in the Lishtar system.

Cedric Beust

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